Why Drupal?

CMS Drupal is my domain in webdevelopment for several years now. Why I'm interested and what this system can offer to you?

  1. No license fees
    Drupal is free opensource software (FOSS) licensed under GNU GPL license
  2. Open source code
    Thanks to the fact that Drupal is opensource software, you have full control over source code. No vendor lock and blackmail rates for each treatment in the future.
  3. Extensibility
    Drupal is arbitrarily extensible. There are 6000+ extensions currently available and they all are (of course) free and open.
  4. Community
    The community of Drupal has thousands of members - developers and companies which taking care about Drupal and its extensions and their number is growing day by day.
  5. Security
    Drupal is one of the most secure CMS. There are several security experts - "white hats" -  in the Drupal community. Drupal's "Security team" consists of about 30 members.
  6. Innovation
    Each year the community comes with some original innovative ideas and makes Drupal better and better system year after year.
  7. Reputation
    For several years the Drupal is gaining more and more trust from big corporations, international organizations and even government offices - including the presidential - worldwide.
  8. Support
    If you need guaranteed warranty and support at the enterprise level, there is a commercial distribution of Drupal - Acquia Drupal, managed by Acquia Inc., which was founded by Dries Buytaert, the original author of Drupal.