Dancing with the Bazaar

In one project, I'm working with the Bazaar repository. Bazaar is a quite sympathetic SCM. Unfortunately I feel like it is in the permanent development alpha ...

I was solving two problems recently:

Error #1 bzr: ERROR: [blablabla] got MemoryError ()

Repository is quite large (over 1GB), in the final phase of the command bzr branch is already completely filled with memory (I use VirtualBox with Ubuntu, 512MB RAM + swap 512 megabytes) and the Bazaar struggle ... Error is reported as https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/367545.

The solution is to update the version Bazaar 2.0 +, version 2.0, developers have focused, among other things just to optimize memory usage.

Error #2 bzr: ERROR: Unable to create symlink 'files/ex/images/abc.jpg' on this platform

I'm using MS Windows (Vista Ultimate 32bit currently) as a major local development platform, where was file linking feature supported since Windows XP with NTFS filesystem (Windows "shortcuts" is a different story) and further extended in Windows Vista and Windows 7. For Bazaar 1.0 there is a extension bzr-win32symlinks. Unfortunately, it is dysfunctional in the second major version of Bazaar 2.0. When you need to work with a repository containing symlinks only current solution solution (only temporary I hope) is to use only UNIX filesystems (at least natively or virtualized), or use Cygwin shell, which can natively handle symlinks.

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Dancing with the Bazaar | Vojtěch Kusý // Caffeine Driven

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