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At the last Drupal Czech Translators Meetup we realized, that we had cuckoo in our translators group. Someone, apparently not Czech, uploaded to the translation server more than 3000 suggestions, which were only rough machine translations. Some of the machine generated suggestions were right, but it was only 1 hit from 10 or 20 shots... :-(

How many variables has your Drupal install?

When I was analysing performance of a one Drupal powered website, I need to count number of Drupal variables and their approximate size in memory. I used my beloved module Devel. Devel itself contains tool called "Variable editor" (it is a big form, where you can adjust Drupal variables directly). Unfortunaltely man can't simply get the count or size of variables and because there is no pagination and number of variables was quite big I was getting PHP memory limit error each time when I tried to access this page.


The Universe imploded right now... I'm publishing first blog post on this website. I have had bought domain for my personal site couple years ago (in the middle of 2006), but with a very little spare time I was not able to post anything for almost 4 years :-( Wish me luck!

Dancing with the Bazaar

In one project, I'm working with the Bazaar repository. Bazaar is a quite sympathetic SCM. Unfortunately I feel like it is in the permanent development alpha ...

I was solving two problems recently: